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TNM PRO LTD is a private company started and registered in October 2019 by the Register of Companies in Bulgaria.

Since the Company started, there have been large growths and improvements in the operation of our business.

  • We maintain the highest level of trust and quality in providing to our esteemed clients the best available minerals from our mines and those in the market.
  • We are dedicated to always improving and seeing that there is no compromise in the delivery of our products to the clients.
  • We aim at working with the greatest care to support partners in maximizing their opportunities through the mining industry and in the trade market.
  • We offer the best quality of products to our network around the world at all costs.
  • We work tirelessly to ensure that the client’s demand is always met.
  • We believe that together we can change our services to a whole new level.
  • We are buying high-quality rough gems, rough diamonds, gold, and industrial minerals all around Africa and Asia so we can cover the needs of the rest of the world market.
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From Mine to Market


We buy rough rare gemstones directly from small-scale miners all over the region. We have developed close relationships with these miners over the decades. We then cut the material right here in our lapidary factory. There is no middleman. Our gemstones come from the ground directly to our market!

Reputation and History


We began in this industry in 2019. For over 1 year, we have built our company on a strong foundation of superior trust and ethics. We take great pride in our reputation and offer only the highest quality diamonds, gemstones, and other minerals.

Initially incorporated as a mining company in 2019, The Company has been involved in all facets of the diamonds & coloured gemstones trade-in during 2019-2020 in the industry.

Since 2019, when we mined diamonds in the wilderness in west Tanzania, Thailand and Bulgaria, we have been passionate about it; the western part is the most beautiful part of the country that produces so many rare and exciting stones.
Today, we are a vertically integrated company involved in almost every step of a gemstone’s journey, from mine to jewellery. We maintain close links with most miners in this part of the world, drawing on our many years of experience in the field.
When there is a new production of fine material, we know about it, and we get the first choice in most cases. This is because we specialize in the top 1% of gems that come out of the mines- when a miner finds an excellent piece, and we are usually the first port of call.

We are involved in every step


Liaising with miners, we offer a free testing service to help artisan miners identify any new deposits they discover. We are always on the lookout for new deposits and discoveries and are in constant contact with most miners in the region.

We purchase the finest rough directly from the mines


We then cut, polish, test, and grade every piece in-house using the latest gemological equipment and techniques.
We offer extremely competitive pricing on all of our fine, rare gems. Competitors may offer lower prices, but mostly the gems presented will not match our quality. We cherry-pick the best.

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TNM PRO LTD is a leading provider of loose gemstones & diamonds. We strive to provide a unique quality experience online in other e-commerce segments and is often found to be elusive in the gems segment.

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